• Norfolk Jacket – Donegal – Made in England
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  • Norfolk Jacket – Donegal – Made in England
  • Norfolk Jacket – Donegal – Made in England
  • Norfolk Jacket – Donegal – Made in England
  • Norfolk Jacket – Donegal – Made in England
  • Norfolk Jacket – Donegal – Made in England
  • Norfolk Jacket – Donegal – Made in England

Norfolk Jacket – Donegal – Made in England

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The Norfolk Jacket may well simply have taken its name from the English county but other sources suggest it was originally a hunting coat invented by the 15th Duke of Norfolk. More likely is that the forerunner was a uniquely pleated jacket developed by Coke of Norfolk, the Earl of Leicester, for duck shooting parties on the Holkham estate in North Norfolk. This jacket, equipped with capacious patch pockets to carry hunting and shooting gear, was belted to snugly fit layers of underclothing along the windswept north Norfolk coast. The current jacket keeps the functionality of the original pleats and vents, spacious pockets and adjustable belt but adds some racy colour mixes that the monarchs and magnates of that century would themselves have envied.

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Made in England. Designed to be versatile for both town and country and equipped with capacious patch pockets to carry shooting gear. With functionality foremost in mind, the original pleats and vents, together with adjustable belt, make for a closer fit when in the field as well as giving rise to a most stylish garment.

Tailored in pure new wool Shetland-inspired tweed for performance and a touch of lambs’s wool for a more luxurious feel. Available in both mid-blue herringbone and in Donegal brown with a chartreuse pop, the fabrics have been nano-treated to repel moisture and dirt. The Norfolk Jacket features single breasted fastening with two deep side pleats on the back, allowing full movement, whilst the cuffs have been designed to extend over the wrist when shooting, exposing the stunning colour contrast

Luxurious Tweed Norfolk Jacket with Nehru Collar

The idea behind the Norfolk Jacket is to take a traditional shooting jacket and blow it sky-high. The Norfolk jacket is cut for mountain or moor but stylish enough to turn heads in the watering holes of the metropolis!

The Norfolk Jacket uses lightweight materials but has added funky stitching buttonholes to ensure stylish design. The Norfolk Jacket is very well designed, the vented back offering space for extra movement. This makes the Norfolk Jacket extremely useful when hunting, going shooting or just being comfortable on one’s way to work.

The complete Gentleman Set – Norfolk Jacket & Norfolk Trousers in Donegal

Imagine wearing a tailored Shetland-inspired tweed Norfolk jacket in Donegal made with a touch of lamb’s wool,  coupled with tailor-made trousers in donegal. This is the complete gentleman set and, due to its material, it will ensure that you feel comfortable when hunting, shooting, playing golf or just wish to look really well dressed when going for a walk. You might also consider a vest in Donegal to effect a perfect three-piece.

Key Features – The Norfolk Jacket:

  • Single breasted five button fastening.
  • Action back with inverted pleat.
  • Deep bellows pockets with button flaps.
  • Integral belt.
  • Centre vent.
  • Suede shooting patches.
  • Removable internal recoil pads right and left.
  • Nano-treatment for water and dirt resistance.

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100% Shetland Wool Tweed