British Luxury brand Lucan Fashion endeavours to meet the needs of today without compromising the needs of future generations. Sustainability is high on the agenda and runs through the whole business. Danish born founder Anne-Sofie Lucan, The Countess of Lucan, embraces sustainability as one of the key pillars of the brand.

“We invest in sustainable solutions, ethical sourcing and cleaner technologies. The brand has a profound social conscience and works with responsible suppliers who operate within a sustainable social culture to produce eco-friendly fabrics and trims. Our garments are made in England supporting the British textile industry and the people who work within it”.

Lucan’s designs use natural, renewable fibres and support traditional fabric producers including Harris Tweed in Scotland, helping to support local communities. Our Donegal tweed is produced with renewable energy from a long-standing family business in Ireland, with inherent interest and respect for the environment.

Tradition is brought to life and modernity added by the vibrancy of our luxurious investment pieces, standing the test of time as sartorial heirlooms and so avoiding the disposable landfill culture.

Lucan reflects sustainability and our garments are a valuable and timeless investment in your own wardrobe, people and the planet.